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An Interview with Wearable Art Maker / Ceramist Mia Tyson

AoD: Tell us about your background. How did you become a fiber artist?

MT:  Design and construction goes back to my maternal grandmother who was an expert seamstress, albeit self-taught. Growing up in rural Union County, North Carolina, I learned through watching her the value and pride that comes from making something well from the best materials that were available at that time and place. She did the very best she could with what she had at hand.


AoD:  How does your work differ from what we can find in the local boutique?

MT:  Garments made from the finest materials (and the cheapest labor) are available from literally anywhere in a few days with global manufacturing, transportation and distribution.  We are beginning to question the sustainability of these practices.  So, the question is: when you can choose anything, what do you choose?


AoD:  What is your primary goal when designing a new piece?

MT:  To design luxurious garments using the highest quality fabrics so each piece is “Made in the USA.” Beyond that, I strive to create artful, affordable hand-crafted garments for women of all shapes and sizes.

AoD: We understand that you haven’t always been involved with wearable art. Your background also includes ceramics, correct?

MT: Yes. I am a ceramist by education.  My work in clay reflects my interest in creating a sense of movement within each piece by merging its shape with the drawing incorporated upon it.  Please visit to view my clay art.


AoD: How does your clay background inform or influence your work in wearable art:

MT: My work in fabric continues to explore the sense of movement.  The clay vessel has been replaced by the body of each patron.  In place of the sgraffito drawings are the hand needle felted designs.

AoD: How would you best describe your wearable art?

MT: The asymmetrical structural line of each piece creates a focal point in the front balanced by the needle felted “drawing” presenting a streamlined appearance for the garment and the wearer producing a minimalist effect.  I think, overall I’m driven by one truth: Classic modern design always stays in style.


AoD: Besides your website, where can people find your work:

MT: I show my work at various events around the country.  Coming up next, I’ll be at Palm Beach Contemporary in West Palm Beach March 10 thru 12.pbc_image


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